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Botox® Cosmetic & Dysport® work by temporarily relaxing the muscles that are responsible for skin wrinkling. This injectable treatment can improve the appearance of certain wrinkles that are related to facial expression such as crow’s feet, frown and forehead lines.

You may have read about Botox Cosmetic in advertisements, blogs and celebrity gossip magazines, or heard about it from your friends. But there are a lot of misconceptions about Botox treatment and how it is used.

(This is an article about the differences between BOTOX, BOCOUTURE and Azzalure, the three types of Botulinum Toxin Type A available for cosmetic use in the UK.  For information about wrinkle relaxing treatments at Clinetix please click here )

Sick of deep lines on your face? Wishing you could get a quick fix for the signs of aging around your mouth and eyes? You may think that Botox is your only option, but in fact there are other injectable cosmetics that plastic surgeons use to treat some lines on the face. That's why it's important for individuals to understand the difference between injectables like Botox and facial fillers , like Juvederm .

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For excellent patient education resources, see eMedicineHealth's patient education articles BOTOX® Injections and Chronic Pain .

I’ve been getting Botox injections regularly for the past 4 years.  To my surprise, there’s been a lot more trial and error in finding the right doctor, paying the right prices and knowing what to look for and ask for.

Given the release of the new incobotulinumtoxinA product, Xeomin, a competitor to the well establish Botox Cosmetic, and Dysport, the IAPAM queried its faculty for an overview of the differences between the 3 products.  All the experts we queried agreed that the key to using any of these products:  Botox vs Dysport vs Xeomin is to first engage in comprehensive injectables training program that includes all three as part of the didactic.

1. Learn how to get your patients excited and motivated to bring 2 additional friends or family members to their follow up appointments.

Our Botox Side Effects Drug Center provides a comprehensive view of available drug information on the potential side effects when taking this medication.

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Following ten more years of research and development, a remarkable new cosmetic treatment was born. In April 2001, Botox Cosmetic™ was cleared for use in Canada for patients with (glabellar) frown lines.

Stop the signs of aging with our PREVENTITIVE products and treatments that keep you wrinkle-free, glowing, and energetic. Look, feel and function at your best!!

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